Here's just a small sampling of the PEOPLE we've helped over the years.

Dorothy Green...The Empowerer, Encourager & Restorer of my body, mind, & spirit. Forever Grateful - Vivian F. Price -

  Just want to thank you for all you have done for me this year. My gratitude to you overflows and your kindness and devotion to your calling is evident to all. -Thanks again Jim S

Dorothy is a true blessing. Not just a highly skilled and credentialed facilitator, but a beautiful person who truly cares. My family & I have been going to her for years. We love it there. I recommend her to everyone! 
Crystal P. 

 Dorothy has validated my sincere belief that as human beings we occupy space in a universe that seeks balance through goodness and love. When that is disrupted the universe becomes unbalanced. Since human beings are part of the universe, we become unbalanced, sick, anxious and angry. When we embrace love, respect and goodness we allow our bodies to attain balance and we settle in our space in God's Universe. Dorothy is a facilitator of balance, energy, love, goodness and peace.-Tom Turley

Dorothy is an amazing healer …I was introduced to Dorothy and her wellness and healing after being diagnosed with an ailment of the liver. After 3-4 sessions she was able to improve my condition substantially which continued with ongoing sessions. No need for dangerous pharmaceuticals and procedures. Dorothy also treated me successfully for ocular hypertension. Her healing method and gentleness is amazing. I am grateful to have met Dorothy and plan to have a long positive and healing relationship with her. Pat F.


I have always considered myself a bit of a skeptic whenever it comes to using anything other than modern medicine but I stand corrected after Dorothy Green treated me for a injured  toe that I suffered from a Spartan Sprint that I participated in earlier that day. Within a matter of 15 minutes all the pain was gone even though my toe was swelled up and completely black and blue. Thanks to Dorothy, I was able to walk on my toe later that day with a splint which I ended up taking off the next day due to not needing it any longer. I highly recommend visiting Dorothy 's Holistic Medicine. -Sincerely, Barry Hess


Dorothy Green is an amazing instructor, facilitator and healer. Her ambitions and talent to bring Reiki Ryoho to today's youth is monumental to the spiritual movement and my wife and I are truly blessed to have the opportunity to have all 3 of our daughters exposed to such unconditional love and dedication...thank you, Dorothy.  - Joe and Roxanne Blaum , Parents to: Felicia - 9, Mekehl - 4 and Taylor - 3 -


I had been in severe pain since 2011 due to 2 rear end collisions .I never used pain meds during that time.. Four months ago I was referred to Dorothy. You all can't even imagine the results I have had. I barely have any pain at all. I am now able to do things that I have not been able to do in 5 years. It is not just the pain relief you experience, it is the entire body well-being I feel after her work. I leave the pharmaceuticals alone. Dorothy's vast experience is what makes this experience worthwhile. Its her gentle caring demeanor that also enables healing. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and how you have changed my life. It is my goal to be able to enjoy my love for riding horses.- You have made this possible! Susan K.

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I have been on thyroid medication for over fifteen years.  I did some research on nutrition for thyroid health and changed my eating habits.  Because of this I was able to lower the amount of dosage needed for my thyroid.  But, it wasn't until seeing Dorothy on a regular basis, where she worked on my thyroid, that the big change took place.  I am thrilled to report I no longer need to take any thyroid medication.  Something I thought I would have to take for the rest of my life is now no longer necessary.  Thank you Dorothy. Carol R


Thank you Dorothy for your healing energy and superior knowledge of health and wellness. Once I began treatment with you, my nerve damaged tongue corrected itself within 2 months. I have suffered with my tongue for 2 years enduring horrific pain. Progress had been slow.  Adding your services to my home health program catapulted healing.  I am delighted at how quickly I healed, it felt like magic. I highly recommend you to anyone who is healing, your work brought ease and expedience to my recovery process. Thank you again for bringing your practice to Narberth, Pa and helping me become whole again. I am so very tickled that this healing process took so much less time than  originally anticipated by doctors. With my tongue and facial muscles firing correctly now, I have my smile back and feel more at ease. Leslie T

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Back pain brought me to Dorothy. I had been to several doctors and they said there was nothing they could do for me and gave me a brace. I also suffered from anxiety and depression. With in 2 sessions my anxiety went away and I felt like I could do what I want again. I don't have back pain anymore or depression. Also after 2 years I realized I was not taking my pain medication for my fibromyalgia. I feel like I have conquered the fibromyalgia! Janet F 


I am a person who believes in holistic self care. I met Dorothy when I attended her wellness lecture at her center. I was introduced to a holistic technique to aid in my healing. I have suffered a great deal of trauma in my life, resulting in a voice disorder, body tension and anxiety. I have been working with Dorothy for a few months and I am improving with each miraculous session. I am trusting this integrated bodywork to clear my blockages: body, mind and spirit. I am grateful to Dorothy for activating the innate wisdom of my body to heal itself. I encourage anyone who is seeking holistic healing and overall well being to connect with Dorothy. - BD

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For more than a decade I experienced chronic daily pain and fatigue due to debilitating neck pain and Fibromyalgia symptoms and lacked any sort of ENERGY. I spent a lot of time on the couch. Over the years I had become well-versed in alternative remedies and took holistic classes from Kripalu and The Open Center and received bodywork continuously. I also worked on myself when I had a flair-up. However, all that “work” and knowledge never lasted. It was deeply frustrating and I had honestly given up hope that I would ever get better, even though I knew in my heart and down to my bones that our state is to be in homeostasis and anything is possible. Dorothy’s facilitating changed my life!!! She goes right to the source of the pattern(s). After seeing her I no longer have intense, violent flair-ups, my neck and generalized pain has gone down dramatically and I am motivated to LIVE my life out loud with energy to spare. On a personal note, she lives from the heart space. She is helpful, kind and deeply cares for her client’s wellbeing. I also highly recommend taking her Reiki seminars.

Sally Kyle- owner of “Paws 4 Healing”

I felt better from day one. Amazing and powerful on so many levels. She truly cares and will teach you how to take care of your body, mind and soul each session. Suzanne S.

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