Reiki Shoden Level 1 & Shinpinden Level 3

Reiki 1 August 25th 2019 10am to 6pm &

Reiki 3 October 20th 10am to 6pm

This Seminar will provide you with a True Holistic approach to Healing.
Reiki is an amazing vibrational frequency that assists the body in healing.
It can be integrated with any other healing modality. It is gentle & non-invasive. We also teach Okuden and Shinpiden levels that attune you to 4 frequencies, and yin & yang meridians are incorporated. Reiki Shoden is a prerequisite.
Reiki brings a spiritual awareness and encourages evolution, growth & will assist in developing your inner most being- Unconditional Love


A new way to live! A new way to enhance your Well- Being! 

A book will be provided for each class

All students who attend will receive a certification 

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Holistic Lecture

 August 31st 2019 at 3pm Hainesport, NJ  


We Invite you to join us for an extraordinary experience on the True essence of healing. It will transform the way you look at how we heal and give a new perspective on the Life Experience.

On the first Saturday of every month we provide an opportunity to learn True holistic principles, the differences between medical and holism, the effects of spinal patterns, and the overall essence of healing. Each individual will be able to see healing on a physiological level as a person begins to process a symptom. 

After the lecture, Dorothy offers a free healing session to everyone who attends that is not a patient already. Our center is designed to assist with all symptoms related to everything from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors in life. 

Our desire is to assist our self's & others to evolve through the art of True Holistic Healing with gentle non-invasive facilitation.   

Say Yes and begin the healing process in your life!  It is our inspired desire to be here for you!

Held on the first Saturday of every month at 1pm

 Please RSVP we have limited seating (609)261-1955 or by email on the contact page

Complimentary Session for New Patients


Give The Gift Of Love & Wellness!

We are excited to announce that we are giving the first session free for all New Patients in February 2019. Please join us to experience a session with Dorothy Green master facilitator at our holistic center.

This is a great opportunity to bring in a friend, family member, or acquaintance. As we know the more clear we are, the easier our life becomes to be inspired & persevere to our highest potential!

 A Holistic Wellness Center, where we provide a more desired way of health, happiness and an inspired lifestyle for a lifetime!  

Please contact us in advance for an appt. at 609-261-1955 or email us on the HOME  page.

Wellness Fitness Sports Event


October 28th 2018 10am to 3pm 


We are having a Holistic Wellness Complete Fitness Training event that will challenge and inspire you to persevere to your highest potential!

We are combining Holistic Facilitation with Dorothy Green HHP and Complete Fitness Training with Terry Veit - Harmening C-IYAT - You will experience two bodywork entrainment sessions and three 45min of work outs, 45 min cardio (running, HIIT, walking) 45 min strength ( weights, bands and bodyweight) and 45 min of yoga with an ending ceremony!

This workout is specially structured to be a complete, safe and highly effective method for training your heart, muscle and mind. Workouts combine cardio intervals, strength training and yoga stretch relaxation with the following program goals: Fat burning and boosted metabolism-increase stamina and strength-never boring and always challenging- reduced risk of injury through complete fitness training. Holistic Facilitation is a method of clearing the field and or nervous system of any blockages they could interrupt your life-force and lifestyle of moving forward to your highest potential. 


  • Event Located at Envision Gymnastics Eastampton, NJ 

  • cost $130 pre-registration by October 14th 2018

  • and save $10 

  • Register at 609-261-1955 or

  • by email on contact page

  • This is a non-refundable event

Flower Essence Workshop

The Healing Power of Nature -Working with Flower Essences- TO BE ANNOUNCED

 workshop fee $25 

This 2 hour workshop includes discussion, a slide presentation, and experiential components.

Some topics covered: *The history of flower essences *Using flower essences to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit *How flower essences help to heal the emotional body *How to create a flower essence *What happens in a flower essence session *Self healing with flower essences 

Flower Essences can assist us in remembering our true self,  and help us take responsibility for our own growth and be more in tune with what brings us joy.

Presented by Rhoni Groff certified flower essence practitioner, teacher and creator of “ Gift of the Flowers” essences and sprays.

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." Siddartha Buddha