WE ARE A Holistic Wellness Center THAt provides a more desired way of health, happiness and an inspired lifestyle for a lifetime.


We welcome you to our Holistic Wellness Center.

Our approach is a True Holistic Method, and a part of the most progressive health systems in the world. We incorporate quantum theory, integrated bodywork, reiki, craniosacral and the natural innate wisdom of the body.

Holism is based on the principle that the body has the innate ability to heal with the touch of a facilitator. There are no medications, no herbs, and no therapeutic tools involved, only innate intelligence. 

Our sessions are non-invasive, gentle and will bring ease to your life. You will be able to breathe better and begin to experience a new way of living! We work with all symptoms, it doesn't matter what you come in for, it only matters that you show up on a regular basis to keep yourself clear... receive and relax.

We honor and respect each individual who comes to our door and provide whatever is necessary to assist in their healing process. Everything we have to offer will assist you in the ability to grow, evolve and heal every aspect of your being.

Say "YES" and begin the process of healing and change within your life, please enjoy your journey with us as we assist you in a higher way of being.

Dorothy, the lead holistic heath practitioner at Dorothy's Healing Center

AbouT Dorothy

Integrated Wellness Facilitation -D.Green HHP

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What we Offer

Holistic Sessions, Holism Lectures, Nutritionist, Reiki Seminars, Wellness Massage, Meditations, SRI Classes, Kirtan Concerts
Fitness Trainer - Private Yoga - Fitness Events 

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