Wellness Fitness Sports Event


October 28th 2018 10am to 3pm 


We are having a Holistic Wellness Complete Fitness Training event that will challenge and inspire you to persevere to your highest potential!

We are combining Holistic Facilitation with Dorothy Green HHP and Complete Fitness Training with Terry Veit - Harmening C-IYAT - You will experience two bodywork entrainment sessions and three 45min of work outs, 45 min cardio (running, HIIT, walking) 45 min strength ( weights, bands and bodyweight) and 45 min of yoga with an ending ceremony!

This workout is specially structured to be a complete, safe and highly effective method for training your heart, muscle and mind. Workouts combine cardio intervals, strength training and yoga stretch relaxation with the following program goals: Fat burning and boosted metabolism-increase stamina and strength-never boring and always challenging- reduced risk of injury through complete fitness training. Holistic Facilitation is a method of clearing the field and or nervous system of any blockages they could interrupt your life-force and lifestyle of moving forward to your highest potential. 


  • Event Located at Envision Gymnastics Eastampton, NJ 

  • cost $130 pre-registration by October 14th 2018

  • and save $10 

  • Register at 609-261-1955 or

  • by email on contact page

  • This is a non-refundable event